When does a person go from seeing the world as their subject to seeing the world as an object.

The distinction between the maturing with matured mind.

Thought foundation:

All students (14 years old) are asked whether it was fair that the 62 richest people in the world had as much wealth as the poorest 50%.

All students said it was fair because, every person is born with opportunities. It was implied that the expectations are that these opportunities are equal. However, it was individuals who decided not to take them. So what could this mean?

In a very real initial sense, the world is because we say it is. Therefore a child’s idea is partly based on their ability to define objects within their reality. For example, the fact presented earlier is defined by the individuals ability to make sense of it, using their current methods of sensibility. Consequently, the world makes sense because we’ve made it make sense.

The mature mind is one which accounts for the objective world, to some degree humanistic understanding is removed. Where once we understood using simple subjective thoughts we now prefer objective descriptions of the world, what is actually causing what I see. Therefore the world is no  longer defined by ones self but as a set of interleaving constructs through which we try to understand, but not by relating personal experience.

There will be a point in every individuals life where seeing the world as their subject to seeing it as a object will happen. For example, realising the 62 wealthiest people probably didn’t come from a poor community, taking every opportunity to be successful. 

We intervene by not involving students in understanding inequality, because we perceive their ability to understand as being non-wise. However, just because a person’s understanding of the world when they were young might have been, “incorrect”, why is the opportunity to re-evaluate using their objective brain not offered to all? To what value is adult education?

What do we do?

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